Healing for the Heart

Stefan Means – Operations Manager

For our second staff profile, we are introducing you to our Operations Manager Stefan.

If you have been to our centre or phoned Healing for the Heart, you will likely have spoken to Stefan at some point. So you will know he is a friendly and cheery guy!

He is also very hard working and dedicated to creating a brighter future for our service users. Read on to get to know Stefan…

Tell us about the journey that has led you to working for Healing for the Heart

Having hugely benefited myself from both the counselling and inner healing sessions that Healing for the Heart offers, I’ve always kept an affinity with organisation and the rewarding work it does. When the opportunity arose to join the team, the role did not just fit my professional experience, it also fulfilled my ambition to help Healing for the Heart to support those who need it.


What is your specific role and who do you work with? 

I am the Operations Manager at Healing for the Heart, which means I’m the jack of all trades (and probably master of none) of the organisation as I try to support our office team in facilitating easily accessible support for mental and emotional health when it is needed.


What is your favourite film or book and why?

As a kid I absolutely devoured all the Tintin comic books and I keep returning to them. Herge’s carefully crafted, beautifully illustrated adventures took me on a journey to all four corners or the globe and have give me a passion for all things history!


What is your favourite meal and why?  

Spag Bol with lots of cheese. The ultimate comfort dish; it takes me straight back home to when I was a wee boy.


Do you have a favourite memory from your time working at Healing for the Heart?

It is incredibly heart warming to witness first-hand the difference our community work makes. Hearing the stories of how people have found fellowship, support and how this helped them find purpose and feel confident is humbling.


What is the biggest societal issue that you would like to see changed/improved? Or an issue you see many of our service users struggling with? 

As a society, we more than ever understand the importance of mental and emotional health, yet there are so many barriers to meet the needs of those who need support. 

After having seen the positive impact our counselling, inner healing, community work and training has made, I would love to see that same support for mental and emotional health easily accessible for everyone in Scotland, no matter their circumstances.

 Thank you for sharing Stefan!