Healing for the Heart

Inner Healing Training

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What the Course is About

This course is designed to give you a basic introduction to inner healing ministry. Completing it will give you a background into why we minister the way we do, what some common issues are and some suggestions for addressing those. It is not intended to equip you for ministry or to give you a qualification to work in an inner healing ministries. We would strongly advocate that if you want to minister in this way, that you do that through and with the blessing of your local church.

How to Get the Most from the Course

We think that you will get most benefit from this course if you do it with other people! It is designed so that you stop and discuss what you’ve learned with others. We’ve included space in this handout so that you can also journal your thoughts. Taking time to pray, to reflect and to consider what you’ve learned will help to solidify the learning and also to contextualise it for wherever you find yourself currently. Connection with Jesus is the greatest gift that we can offer you. Your own personal connection with Jesus is the single biggest tool in your toolbox for ministering to others. You then simply become His hands and feet.