Healing for the Heart
Healing for the Heart

At Healing for the Heart support for mental and emotional health is easily accessible to everyone when it is needed

How can we help you?

Healing for the Heart Counselling

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Looking for space to process and make sense of your world?

Ready to step out of the past and move forward?

We offer a range of counselling and psychotherapy options because no one size fits all.

Healing for the Heart

Community & Group Work

Find your people – the connections you’ve been longing for.

Connect through interest or educational groups and see improvements in wellbeing.

Dive deeper into community development work and be the change in your community.

Healing for the Heart

Faith Based Services

Counselling, accountability and supervision support for ministers, pastors and other faith based leaders looking for confidential space.

Inner healing appointments with prayer ministry from a Christian perspective.

Training and equipping for faith based organisations who want to develop a better understanding of pastoral issues or ministry.

Supporting businesses

Looking for an innovative, affordable way to support mental health and wellbeing for employees?

We offer an alternative to traditional employee assistance programmes which is local, relational and responsive.

Transparent pricing and flexible solutions to support businesses of all sizes.

Workplace mental health

Be part of

something great

Volunteer with us

We have a whole range of opportunities!

Become an ambassador

… and transform your community.

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Fundraise, donate regularly or make a one-off gift.

Client feedback

“Very clear – practical and not just all dry theory.”

“Calm, undramatic and full of common sense.”

Participant feedback

in Trainings

Client feedback

“So easy to understand and not just ‘airy fairy’​”

Participant feedback

IN Church training

Line Icon Heart

“As I listened I thought – that’s actually me!”

Participant feedback

in ACE workshop

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Wellbeing Boxes

Wellbeing Boxes

Recognizing the pressing need for accessible mental health support, Healing for the Heart is excited to announce the...

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Bereavement Support

Bereavement Support

Compassionate Conversations are groups we're developing in communities across the city to connect and support people...

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