Healing for the Heart

Inner Healing

Prayer ministry sessions

What is Saorsa?

Saorsa is a Scottish Gaelic word which means freedom.

Our Saorsa team of trained volunteers facilitate appointments which help you connect or reconnect with God.

Expect to meet with God and to find new freedom in connection with Him.

Appointments are facilitated from a Christian perspective but are available to anyone of any faith or none at all.

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Healing for the Heart

The Benefits

Our inner healing appointments will:

  • Help you establish or re-establish connection with God.
  • Allow space for God to speak to you.
  • Help you to find peace and healing from issues which are bothering you.
  • Equip you with tools to stay connected to God.
Healing for the Heart

The Process

  • Step 1: Hit the ‘apply now’ button to be added to our waiting list.
  • Step 2: Appointments are released by email as and when we have team available to facilitate them – we usually release 2 months of appointments at a time.
  • Step 3: Appointments are online or in person at our office in Glasgow.
  • Step 4: Appointments, when available, are offered by email on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • Step 5: Ministry appointments are always free but we are grateful for all donations which help us to keep the appointments available.

Client feedback

“I am so impressed with the process. I am in the process of training to become a Spiritual Director – and this is the first time I have seen inner healing conducted in a way which is sensitive to the principles of spiritual direction (i.e. to facilitate the person to hear from God for themselves).


Inner Healing

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“The people who did my session were very friendly and I felt at ease with them right away. They were clear in their explanations and gentle throughout the whole process, which was very important for me. I felt like it was a safe place.

I thought the session would have been along the lines of traditional prayer ministry where it’s probably more led and directed by the prayer team members. It was totally astonishing to experience a completely non-directional approach, where the team graciously facilitated conversations between me and Jesus, something I have never experienced before.”


Inner healing

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