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Counselling & Psychotherapy

Space to process, time to think.

Counselling for adults


Counselling offers a safe space for you to bring your thoughts, feelings and emotions where you will find transformation and hope. As therapists, it is a privilege to hear our clients’ stories and witness the changes they make.

Counselling Approaches

Our team of counsellors is waiting to meet and work with you using a variety of different approaches including Person Centred, Cognitive Behaviour and Psychodynamic Therapies to help you process the past and reach your goals.

We will work with anyone regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. We also work with children and young people.


We have both online and in person counselling appointments available and sessions last for 50 minutes.

Our team of counsellors is experienced in working with a range of issues, from those which might be described as mild, through to the more complex.

Who We Work With

In our counselling sessions, we routinely support clients to work with depression, anxiety and bereavement, as well as trauma and complex trauma and all the many other issues which adversely impact our wellbeing.

We tend to work with clients for up to a maximum of six months before taking a break. Clients are then welcome to return for more counselling once they’ve ‘felt’ how things have changed with the work they’ve already done. We find that working for a maximum of six months at a time helps focus and gives clients a chance to live out their changes.

KCP - Our Private Referral Service

Our Kairos Counselling and Psychotherapy (KCP) service operates side by side with our community service and can provide you with sessions with a qualified, experienced counsellor at a cost of £60 per hour session, either in person or online. This project helps to support our community service and offers faster and more flexible access to sessions, without affecting the availability of the community service. If you would like more information about this please get in touch


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What to expect

Healing for the Heart

Step 1 - Asking about Counselling

Clients refer themselves to us for counselling by contacting counselling@healingfortheheart.co.uk or phoning our confidential number on 0141 406 1320.

Healing for the Heart

Step 2 - Completing the Paperwork

We use an online system to complete the necessary paperwork to get you registered on our system for counselling sessions. Please tell us if you don’t have access to the internet or if there is any other reason why this would not be suitable for you.

Healing for the Heart

Step 3 - Initial Appointment

Following completion of the paperwork, you will be offered an initial appointment which helps us to understand your needs. When a suitable counsellor becomes available, we will then offer you counselling sessions. Please note that, although we aim to see people quickly, the time frame for sessions after the initial appointment, is dependent on our waiting list.

Making a difference

We have an army of people who stand with us to make a difference. Are you ready to be part of what it takes to end the stigma of mental health? Help us to create therapeutic communities where healing and transformation are normal.

You really can make a difference. A little is a lot when it’s offered in the right context and we can help you find the right context for you.

Client feedback

“I am writing to say ‘thank you’ for counselling me through a difficult time in my life. Your patience, understanding and listening ear helped me to see my situation differently. It was worth travelling the 70 miles each way for counselling as I now feel much ‘lighter in my spirit’ and more at peace with myself. I would highly recommend your counselling service to anyone.

Client feedback

from Counselling

Client feedback

“A few weeks on now and I can say without doubt this has been life-changing for me. My relationships are changing and I am experiencing happiness in ways I wasn’t able to before. I react less internally, which has resulted in more patience and understanding in particular with my son who has autism. Thank you so much.”

Client feedback

from Counselling

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Counselling with Healing for the Heart has literally changed my life. It dealt with childhood trauma and the lies I believed about myself as a result. I now know that how I was treated doesn’t affect my value and worth. My value and worth come from God. I am more at peace and able to make choices that will give me a better future. HFH help has been invaluable.

Client feedback

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