Healing for the Heart

Transforming Lives

One Donation at a Time

At Healing for the Heart, we don’t just hope for transformation, we expect it!

Join us and create a world where mental health thrives, where individuals, situations, lives, workplaces, and organizations are profoundly changed for the better.

We’re here to make sure no one suffers in silence, and no one feels alone in their struggle but we can’t do this alone: we need your help.

Why your support matters

The smallest amount can enable incredible change:

Empower Individuals

Your donation will provide essential mental health resources to people, helping them find strength, resilience, and hope.

Transform Workplaces

We work with organisations to create mentally healthy work environments, reducing stress, boosting productivity, and increasing overall wellbeing.

Change Lives

Our projects and services have shown lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of people, helping them to reconnect with themselves, others and their unique purpose.

Connecting Communities

Your support contributes to transforming entire communities. When individuals change, whole communities are impacted.

Together, we transform!

With your support, we can be there when you or someone you love needs us as we create a culture where mental health is nurtured and celebrated.


Join us today, and let’s be the change together.

Healing for the Heart