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Healing for the Heart

Adverse Childhood Experience & Trauma Workshops

We run workshops for anyone working or personally dealing with the effects of adverse childhood experiences or trauma. We define what these are and look at some of their effects as well as considering how to develop strategies which build resilience whether in life or in the workplace.

Healing for the Heart

Inner Healing Training

Day workshops for churches and other faith based organisations introducing the basics of inner healing. Delivered through teaching, demonstrations and practical sessions, we also include some psycho-education looking at roots.

Particularly helpful for those who serve on ministry or pastoral teams within the local church but equally relevant simply for those interested in what spiritual healing looks like from a Christian perspective.

Healing for the Heart


How do you maintain healthy boundaries and why is that so important? This workshop helps participants to think through the importance of boundaries and how to kindly maintain them.

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Client feedback

“Very clear teaching, learning the tools and understanding how it works were very good. Observing examples of inner healing in the role plays and opportunities to try to use the tools ourselves was very useful.

It had a mixture of theory and activities that helped reinforce the learning experience. I am so keen to see people set free and this is a tool which will greatly help us as we hopefully work with you to turn from armatures to practitioners.”


Inner Healing Training

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“I really needed to hear this! I could see myself in situations over the years and even still today. It’s helped me to see that boundaries tell everyone that I have something worth protecting and that I value me. If I don’t value me then why do I think anyone else will!”

Participant feedback

in Boundaries Training

“It gave a good introduction to ACE awareness. It was well paced and there was chance talk. The neurological explanations behind behaviours were particularly interesting.

Participant feedback

in ACE Workshops

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