Healing for the Heart

You Can Make a Difference

Be part of the transformation

The Healing for the Heart community

gives of their time, their skills and their money to support the work we do, believing that as we work together, we will see transformation across the city.

Healing for the Heart Community & Group Work

Volunteer with us

We have lots of opportunities to volunteer with us. You could help on our reception desk where one of our team will show you the ropes. If you’d rather get to know people better then get in touch about becoming a listener in one of our groups – be on hand to help put people at ease and make sure they get a cuppa.

Ask us about our mental health ambassador role where you can inspire others in the community, knowing what’s available and where.

Healing for the Heart Community & Group Work

Donate to us

Our regular donors generously contribute financially to us every month.

This makes a huge difference to being able to budget.

If you want to find out more about regular giving then get in touch or click here to make a donation now.

Healing for the Heart Community & Group Work

Working with us

Our current staff vacancies are posted here.

Students looking for information about placements contact us at:  placements@healingfortheheart.co.uk

looking for a gift?

Give something which makes a real difference. Pay for your chosen gift and then download your certificate. 

Tissues for our counselling room

£5 pays for a month’s supply of tissues for one of our counselling rooms.


Help with counselling

£20 gives someone hope by helping them to access a counselling session.


Twin Your Sofa!
For £50, you can twin your sofa with ours! Download your certificate straight away or email us after payment and we’ll send you a framed one!


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