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Meaningful volunteering with Healing for the Heart can have a real impact on our work. By giving your time and expertise, you can support our team to deliver services more efficiently.

Volunteering also supports your employees’ wellbeing and improves job satisfaction among other benefits. Here are a few ways in which your staff team can help out at Healing for the Heart:

Give us your skills: Whether your team specialises in IT, graphic design, HR, decorating, law, marketing or anything else, we would be very grateful for pro-bono support.

Volunteer at an event or bucket collection organised by our team.

Provide training in employability skills or finance skills as part of our Personal Development Programme.

Employee mental health

Make a difference

Your support can change the lives of children and adults struggling with mental health conditions. Here are a few ways in which your donations could have a real impact.


Can your team rally together to raise funds for people struggling with mental health conditions? This is a great way to facilitate team bonding and foster a sense of pride within your organisation.

Here are some great ways to raise funds:

Sign up for Glasgow’s annual Kiltwalk! Walk as a team and enjoy this fun-filled day featuring plenty of lively entertainment.

Organise a curry and quiz night, a comedy night or another social for your team. Ask everyone attending to make a small donation and hold raffles and games on the night to boost your fundraising.

Keep it simple. The classic bake sale is always a great way to raise money.

Sign up for a big challenge like a 5K or Tough Mudder.

Donate your referral fees – if you receive a fee when you find business for others, consider donating a percentage to Healing for the Heart.

Donate a small percentage of your profits from one product or service to Healing the for Heart.

Healing for the Heart Counselling


raised would fund our counselling service for one full week

Healing for the Heart


raised could fund one of our Compassionate Conversations group support meetings

Healing for the Heart


raised could fund all of our community support groups for one full week

Client feedback

“Healing for the Heart has been a great charity to partner with… I grew up in a house where my brother has been tortured by mental health and bad thoughts and still is today. That’s an extreme case, but as Healing for the Heart says, you’ve got mental health as well as physical health and it’s very important to take care of both.

Partnering with Healing for the Heart was a way for us to give a safe and secure place for our staff to go to and have a conversation… making sure there is a mechanism for staff that supports people through whatever they are going through. It’s a fantastic service for us to be able to offer our staff.”

Jordan Mackellar

CEO, Probe Test Solutions Ltd

How We Help

“Healing for the Heart has helped me to talk and supported me with my grief process on the loss of my nephew and my dad. I have had multiple members of my family who have died with suicide or alcohol and drugs, seven in total. I could not deal with the pain and kept my self-using drugs for many years. Healing for the Heart has provided a safe space to manage my emotions and support with my grieving process.

I will be finally drug free in three weeks and have my life on track due to the support I have received at Healing for the Heart. I have learnt new coping skills and helped other people with the groups across the city and in Healing for the Heart.”


Service User

Line Icon Heart

“Often people get stuck in life, held back by fear or past hurts or confusion about how to move forward. Healing for the Heart helps to ‘unstick’ people so that they can live life in all its fullness. They help people overcome fear, move beyond hurts and create clarity about how to live.”

Alan McWilliam

Director of Forge Europe

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