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Why we do this

We believe…

That each individual person is unique, has a purpose and is able to connect or to reconnect with the best version of themselves.

That no one is beyond hope and that no situation is unredeemable.

That it’s more productive to ask ‘What happened to you?’ rather than ‘Why do you do that?

That professional, timely, affordable support should be available to all regardless of their socio-economic status or life-controlling behaviours

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Our vision

To provide timely, affordable holistic support with mental health and wellbeing.

To change the culture of stigma around mental health issues both in the community and in the workplace so that improving mental health is as normal as going to the gym.

To equip and support workplace leaders to develop healthy patterns of living for themselves and to support those they lead to do the same.

To establish transformative spaces which do for mental health and wellbeing what Maggie’s does for cancer care.

Our values

Healing for the Heart


We own our mistakes, ask for help when we need it, have the courage to have the difficult conversations and trust that we are enough

Healing for the Heart


We encourage stopping and resting; choose to see the best in others and are clear and fair about boundaries

Healing for the Heart


We are who we say we are and do what we say we’ll do; communicate clearly; partner with anyone who holds our values and we don’t need lots of rules

Healing for the Heart


We don’t give up easily; give 100%; walk the extra mile with each other; always follow through and don’t always expect total agreement

Healing for the Heart


We walk with empathy; practise patience and grace; honour holidays and individual needs; ask ‘how can I serve you?’ and never give up hope

Our team

Shona Stirling


Shona Stirling is our CEO. She is an experienced manager and leader and has been working with Healing for the Heart since it was established in 2014. A trained counsellor and supervisor she is passionate about seeing people be all they were meant to be. With a love for communicating, she is comfortable and experienced in delivering training for groups of 5 to 500! Away from work, Shona likes to travel and to cook.

Shona Stirling

Jodi Duncan

Clinical Director

Jodi is our Clinical Director and is responsible for the management and development of our counselling service. She is a qualified counsellor and supervisor with a range of experience in different settings but also brings a wealth of experience in project management to the organisation. Outside of work, Jodi loves to sing and make music which she does regularly as part of a community choir.

Jodi Duncan
Donna Ross

Donna Ross

Community Development Worker

Donna is our Community Development Worker and is responsible for Made4More which is our supported volunteering programme. Working mostly in the local community, Donna supports our volunteers through group work and placements into further education and work. Away from work, Donna loves to be with her family enjoying resting and relaxing in beautiful places.

Jan Leitch

Jan Leitch


Jan is Administrator for Healing for the Heart where she manages and delivers all aspects of administration support for the service. Outside of work, Jan is a great tennis fan and a regular visitor to Wimbledon where she’s even managed to make it to centre court!

Client feedback

“I have absolute confidence in Shona Stirling’s wisdom, integrity and leadership. She is a woman who is gifted in many ways; she is attentive and insightful to the needs of the individual, yet has the ability to share her knowledge, experience and wisdom with a room full of people, in a simple, engaging and impacting way. With that formidable combination of gifts and attributes, it’s no surprise that Healing for the Heart is growing and developing at an exponential rate!

Kay Cathcart

former Director of Cultivation, Cairn

Line Icon Heart

“Often people get stuck in life, held back by fear or past hurts or confusion about how to move forward. Healing for the Heart helps to ‘unstick’ people so that they can live life in all its fullness. They help people overcome fear, move beyond hurts and create clarity about how to live.”

Alan McWilliam

Director of Forge Europe

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