Healing for the Heart

Donna Ross – Community Development Lead

Tell us about the journey that has led you to working for Healing for the Heart

I first started working with Healing for the Heart as an Intern while I was studying Community Development at Glasgow University.

Over the past few years, I have developed the Made for More Personal Development Program and I continue to work in our Community Service.


What is your specific role and who do you work with? 

I lead the community development activities across the week. I oversee and facilitate the self-development program and facilitate the compassionate conversation support groups for suicide, alcohol, and drug deaths. I also co-ordinate our amazing volunteers.


What is your favourite film or book and why?

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown because it teaches people how to have the courage to be vulnerable.


What is your favourite meal and why?  

Lasagna because I have a love of Italy and Italian food!


Do you have a favourite memory from your time working at Healing for the Heart?

I really enjoy the community events because it brings people together.


What is the biggest societal issue that you would like to see changed/improved? Or an issue you see many of our service users struggling with? 

I would like to see the way people view the issue of poverty change. It isn’t just about money, it is also about poverty of the spirit and how being disconnected and disillusioned can have a negative impact on your mental health. I see people who don’t get access to treatment or mental health support because of a lack of funding or a lack of services. This needs to change.

Thank you for sharing Donna!