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EAP means Employee Assistance Program.

Are you a small to medium-sized business looking for ways to increase employee morale, productivity, and loyalty? If so, then an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) may be the solution.

EAPs are designed to provide employees with access to mental health services and resources that can help them better manage personal issues or work-related stressors. Let’s look first at exactly what an EAP is.

Definition of EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

EAP is a program that provides resources and services to employees in order to help them manage personal issues, work-related stressors, and mental health concerns.

These programs are usually offered through an outside provider or consultant who works with the employer to develop the best plan for their organization’s needs.

What An EAP Means – It Can Include

EAPs offer a range of services such as counseling, legal advice, financial assistance, substance abuse treatment, critical incident response teams (CIRT), and more.

Depending on the scope of services provided by your EAP vendor or consultant, you may also have access to additional benefits such as wellness workshops or corporate discounts on gym memberships.

With these types of support systems in place in your workplace, it not only helps boost employee morale but it can also increase productivity levels since workers feel like they are supported at all times with whatever challenges they may face during their working hours.

Learn More about the benefits of an EAP

Lots of these packages, provided by health insurance companies or large corporates may be all encompassing but are also expensive and often unaffordable by SMEs.

Cost effective support from Healing for the Heart

At Healing for the Heart, we know what we do really well and so we specialise in our EAP support, offering support only with mental health and wellbeing, however, as this is something which clearly affects every aspect of someone’s life then investing in this kind of support for your staff will make a massive difference in other areas too!

In terms of cost effectiveness for employers when implementing an EAP program in the workplace – studies show that investing just 3% of salary per year into employee assistance can be extremely beneficial over time – resulting in:

  • fewer absences from work due to illnesses or personal issues;
  • increased retention rates;
  • better performance ratings;
  • improved relationships among employees;
  • lower insurance costs;
  • higher customer satisfaction scores by creating a healthier team environment overall.

Not only do businesses reap economic benefits from having an effective EAP program implemented within their organization but often times there is a positive shift towards company culture too – giving employers yet another reason why investing into this type of program is well worth its weight in gold!

How implementing an EAP with Healing for the Heart can save you money