Healing for the Heart

Earth Day and Frances Nicoll

To celebrate World Earth Day 2023, we are sharing our Step Up to Net Zero Coordinator Frances’ story!

Thanks to funding from Circular Glasgow, we have been able to hire Frances Nicoll to help us become a more sustainable organisation.

Keep an eye on our website for more blogs detailing our sustainability project, but first, let’s find out all about Frances.

Tell us about the journey that has led you to working for Healing for the Heart

I have been working as an Eco Consultant for a couple of years now and came across this placement opportunity within Healing for the Heart. It seemed a perfect fit, not only because of my background in environmental sustainability but also as I have studied both counselling and community work.


What is your specific role and who do you work with? 

I am a Step up to Net Zero Coordinator helping Healing for the Heart develop and implement more environmentally sustainable practices within the organisation.

My work is focused on building on existing circular practices, creating net zero capacity and reducing waste. 

Here is some more information on the programme: 

“Step Up to Net Zero supports Glasgow SMEs in their efforts to reach net zero by funding four-month work placements who will help the business take action towards net zero and circular goals.

This is delivered by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and fully funded by Glasgow City Council, to reach the city’s net zero ambitions and provides employability support for Glasgow’s workforce.

The net zero transition offers a significant opportunity to develop Scotland’s future economy and, given Glasgow’s target to become net zero by 2030, businesses will play a key part in meeting this goal. To do so, Glasgow businesses must adapt and innovate and Step Up to Net Zero offers the chance for businesses to kickstart their journey.” – Circular Glasgow


What is your favourite film or book and why?

One of my favourite books is Uprooted by Naomi Novik. It is a great fairy tale type of a story with adventure, wonder and magic. I love the themes of restoration that run throughout the book. Restoration of people and communities but also restoration of the land and the natural world.


What is your favourite meal and why?  

One of my favourite meals is potluck with a large group of friends. I love trying all the different types of food that everyone contributes and not having to have cooked all of it myself.


Do you have a favourite memory from your time working at Healing for the Heart?

I enjoy the great chats we have in the office and how we all laugh together easily.


What is the biggest societal issue that you would like to see changed/improved? Or an issue you see many of our service users struggling with? 

I think greed is the cause of so many injustices in our society. So many people are fighting for bigger, better, and more of everything in a selfish and unsustainable way. According to Oxfam’s ‘Survival of the Richest’ report: “The richest 1% hold 45.6% of global wealth, while the poorest half of the world have just 0.75%.” This is so sad. I would love to see an economy fuelled by compassion and kindness over selfishness and greed.

Thank you for sharing your story Frances. Happy Earth Day everyone!