Healing for the Heart

Recognizing the pressing need for accessible mental health support, Healing for the Heart is excited to announce the launch of our new wellbeing boxes. These curated boxes aim to provide comfort, support and practical tools to anyone and everyone. They serve as a reminder to take time out for yourself and prioritise your mental health.

Launching in June 2024, every month we will provide a different box focusing on a different topic. The first month will centre on ‘Growth’, a vital aspect of anyone’s mental health journey. The second month will focus on ‘Transformation’, something we greatly value at H4H. For the third month the theme will be ‘Self Discovery’, an essential part of growth and wellness. Month four will centre on ‘Well-Being’, asking you to take time out of your day to reconnect with yourself.

 As for the contents, each month will feature different items, from teabags to sunflower seeds. Each box will feature a ‘Mental Health Activity’ which will serve as an interactive reminder to slow down and reflect. Alongside this, the boxes will feature various H4H goodies such as custom pens, stickers and inspirational postcards.

 So, how do you get a wellbeing box? It’s simple!

Click this link and follow the instructions on the page! Couldn’t be easier! 

You can buy for yourself or gift the box to someone else. These are available for a limited time so be sure to get your’s before they all go!