Healing for the Heart

When we first heard of the Step Up to Net Zero project set up by Circular Glasgow, we were excited by the idea that we could do something help reach our city’s target to become net zero by 2030.

When we met our very own Step Up to Net Zero Coordinator, Frances, we got even more excited. Not only did she fit right into the team and share our core values, in the space of four months, Frances:

  • Developed a bespoke environmental policy as well as several sustainability policies for Healing for the Heart.
  • Helped us calculate our carbon footprint and advised on how to reduce it.


  • Raised awareness among staff and volunteers on the topic Net Zero, why our regional, national and international targets are important and how we can contribute to a circular economy and reduce our emissions.

Last but not least, Frances wrote a bunch of great blogs about all things Net Zero. Topics include why we care about meeting the Net Zero targets set both nationally and internationally, reducing waste and circular practices.

With the Step Up to Net Zero coordinator placement limited to four months, we are sad to see Frances go, but we are also thankful for the wonderful contribution she made to the organisation and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours such Let the Earth, where Frances will continue to help others as an Eco Consultant.