Healing for the Heart

Affordable EAP costs with Healing for the Heart.

With large EAP providers, the costs are often prohibitive for SMEs or third sector organisations so we aim to make what we offer affordable.

Our current rates are frozen until April 2023 and range from £300 to £2100 per year depending on the level of cover and the number of employees.

By paying these small annual retainers, we are able to provide businesses with expedited access to the counselling/psychotherapy service for staff which means that they can access support when they need it, either in person or online.

Significant Returns

Finally, keep in mind that even with the best EAP program and most experienced vendor in place – it is still essential for employers to focus on effective communication and education as this will help ensure all staff members are aware of their benefits – leading to increased usage and overall satisfaction.

With all these factors taken into consideration, organizations can experience significant returns from their investments into an Employee Assistance Program which will ultimately lead towards greater success within their business!

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Business Partnership

When, as a business, you purchase an EAP with Healing for the Heart, we see you as one of our business partners.

For us, this is about building a relationship with you rather than simply a transactional arrangement.

Although we provide a professional, expedited service for all of our EAP customers, we also want to be able to work with you so that we provide the best support that we can.

Many of our business partners routinely pop into our offices for coffee to chat through how things are going with their cover.

Depending on the level of partnership you have with us, we will provide consultation with management about wellbeing policies and also onsite workshops for staff which address issues particular to your situation

How to contact us to find out more