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The benefits of EAP for employers when using Healing for the Heart.

EAP with Healing for the Heart not only provides you with numerous benefits both economically and culturally – improving relationships amongst staff members while creating a positive work culture where everyone feels supported at all times, it also helps us to support people in local communities who struggle with poor mental health. Not only are you making improvements in your own business but you are helping local communities too.

Increased Productivity

As an employer, you can take advantage of EAPs by making sure to partner with an organisation who will be able to provide the best services for your specific needs.

It is important that employees understand and are aware of the various benefits they have access to through their EAP program so they can utilize it whenever necessary.

With our affordable packages, employees receive free counseling sessions as well as on site awareness raising session.

Studies show that this kind of investment in employees, not only builds loyalty but it also helps create a healthier working environment overall – leading to increased productivity and improved team morale.

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Companies with an effective EAP typically experience higher rates of success

It is important for all organizations across industries to invest into these types of programs if they want to remain competitive in today’s business landscape – particularly since studies have shown that companies with effective EAPs typically experience higher rates of success overall than those who do not utilize them at all.

With proper planning, implementation, and advertising the services available to all staff, employers can realize significant returns from these investments that should ultimately lead towards long-term success within their organization.

Creating a culture where it’s as normal to talk about mental health as it is to talk about physical health contributes to breaking the stigma that many people feel about acknowledging their own struggles.

By fostering a supportive, stigma free environment where help is available in a timely and relevant way, you will make a positive difference not only to the individuals on your payroll and their families but also to your business as improved absence rates are noticed and workflow increases.

EAP benefits – the proof

Cost effective support from Healing for the Heart

Many companies who partner with us do so because they know that we are not looking to make profits for our board or shareholders. As a charity, we invest every penny you spend on your employees and on improving access to support within local communities with the greatest need so buying an EAP with us really is money well spent and hits your CSR policy too!

How implementing an EAP with Healing for the Heart can save you money