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A report published in April 2021 by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in partnership with Simplyhealth found that there was overall ‘extreme concern’ about the impact the pandemic has had/is having on employees’ mental health.

It’s not just absent employees who have issues with mental health and wellbeing, this same report found that ‘presenteeism’ (people working when unwell) and ‘leaveism’ (people working outside of contracted hours or using annual leave to work) are widespread and have increased in light of hybrid working during the pandemic.

ONS statistics show almost double the number of adults were likely to be experiencing some form of depression during the pandemic as compared to those before.

Bupa Global found that many employees have poor coping strategies and that from a survey of organisations 38% of UK board-level executives have used drink and drugs to manage the pressures of the pandemic.

Employee mental health

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Healing for the Heart Counselling


Easily accessible, responsive and discreet counselling and psychotherapy support for staff.


Healthier employees
Less absenteeism
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Healing for the Heart

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A low cost retainer to secure expedited access to our services.

In person and online sessions available.


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Defined Employee Assistance Programme

Healing for the Heart


Support for managers and awareness raising for employees.


Prevent issues before they occur

Prevention more cost effective than cure

We don’t work for you – we work with you,

building the package of support that best meets the needs of your business.

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Client feedback

“I have absolute confidence in Shona Stirling’s wisdom, integrity and leadership. She is a woman who is gifted in many ways; she is attentive and insightful to the needs of the individual, yet has the ability to share her knowledge, experience and wisdom with a room full of people, in a simple, engaging and impacting way. With that formidable combination of gifts and attributes, it’s no surprise that Healing for the Heart is growing and developing at an exponential rate!

Kay Cathcart

Former Director of Cultivation, Cairn

Client feedback

“Never has there been more need of counselling services than now. Self-care & wellbeing can help when someone is working through a challenge, however, there are some challenges which require more than self-care and self-management and it’s great to know Healing for the Heart are there to offer people that compassionate counselling response when they need it.”

Hilda Campbell

CEO COPE Drumchapel

Line Icon Heart

“Often people get stuck in life, held back by fear or past hurts or confusion about how to move forward. Healing for the Heart helps to ‘unstick’ people so that they can live life in all its fullness. They help people overcome fear, move beyond hurts and create clarity about how to live.”

Alan McWilliam

Director of Forge Europe