(Scottish Gaelic)


- freedom

- salvation

- redemption

- liberty

We offer spiritual healing sessions through our Soarsa ministry. Our team are highly experienced, many of them having worked in inner healing ministries for over 7 years.

Saorsa ministry is unique in that each session is very different. Although we have some tools which we can draw on, we rely heavily on the leading of the Holy Spirit and take our guidance from Him and from the client. In the past, we have seen breakthrough for people in many areas: relationship issues; freedom from fears; help with phobias; issues around abuse. We also see many people with no particular issue who simply want to connect with the Godhead and hear what Heaven wants to say into their lives.

We are happy to work with those with faith and also with those who describe themselves as having none. We are a Christian ministry and this is central to any ministry sessions we provide.

We are accountable to the leadership team in Whiteinch Church of Scotland and work closely with the elders of the church to ensure quality and safety for clients and team alike.