Taking the first steps...

Counselling can be an intensive process, and it is your choice to enter into it, so it is important that you sign yourself up instead of someone doing it for you. We therefore only take clients who self refer – this means that if you want to have a session with us then you need to contact us yourself. You can get in touch by email (kairos@healingfortheheart.co.uk) or by telephoning our confidential number: 07397984288.

Once contact has been made, we will organise an initial assessment appointment with you to work out if we are able to offer what you need. At this appointment, we will give you our counselling contract. If you are happy with this and with what we can offer you, then we will organise your first appointment with one of our counsellors. If we, as a service, don’t feel we have the capacity or skills to help you then we will point you towards an appropriate agency.

An assessment appointment lasts for approximately 40 minutes whilst a counselling appointment lasts for 50-60 minutes.